Ridgeback Arcus 3


  • Meet the Arcus 3, our premium SportDrive equipped E-bike.
  • A true do it all bike that’s at home on woodland trails as well as on the morning commute.
  • Hills? What hills? With the SportDrive MDS250S drive unit boasting 95Nm of torque you will never have to worry about another climb again.
  • The Arcus 3 can be tuned to exactly how you want to ride it whether that be increased torque for pulling away from traffic lights or a gentler start for a more leisurely ride with increased range.
  • With a 500Wh internally mounted battery you can enjoy up to 60 miles of assisted pedalling, plenty of range for a weekend of exploring.
  • The Arcus 3 comes fully equipped with a microSHIFT Mezzo 9–speed drivetrain and powerful hydraulic disc brakes.
  • The RST Air sprung suspension forks with remote lock out give you the adaptability to handle any terrain in comfort whilst bespoke alloy mudguards, AXA Blue line lights and the excellent AtranVelo rear rack system complete the build making a truly versatile package.


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