Bike fitting

We offer a bike fitting service to help maximise your riding enjoyment. If you find that the longer rides are causing numbness or pains, One of our low tech cycle fits will likely help you.

Our cycle fit takes about an hour and includes:

  • Seat height
  • Seat angle
  • Seat for & aft
  • Reach angle
  • Bar height & length
  • Bar position
  • Cleat adjustment

We don’t have £000’s of computer equipment, but we do have a plumb line, some sticky coloured pads, a turbo trainer and the experience necessary to move you on to the next level. We have helped riders to eliminate back pain, knee pains, neck pain, Groinal numbness, hand numbness, feet numbness and musle stresses.

The cost is currently just £30.00

If you are already an advanced rider and are looking for a more precise fit, from someone with all the latest tech to get you into the perfect position, then I can recommend over at Lodden Norfolk.