Shockwave XT910

Shockwave XT910 dual suspension bike. Aluminium frame but still weighs slightly less than a family car! (around 20KG) It has forks which are massively over engineered and I felt as if I was pedaling though custard. The brakes are of low quality, The seat isn’t particularly comfortable, but the paintwork is ok and the gears change which is a bonus.

If you really must have a dual suspension bike, then buy a good quality one. Buy one which will feel nice, and not fall apart when you ride down a steep bumpy hill. In other words don’t buy this one!

It hasn’t had much use and looks tidy. Looks can be deceiving!

This bike has been sold to someone who refused to listen to our sense. Apparently the bike is fat and sick. I preferred overweight and nauseous but at least he recognized it’s faults!